Socio-economic Impact of Water Scarcity on the Economy of Pishin Lora Basin in Balochistan

Zainuddin Kakar, Syed Muhammad Khair, Muhammad Zubair Khan, Maqsood Ahmad Khan


Water is essential for life. Water is crucial for sustainable development, including the preservation of natural environment, alleviation of poverty and hunger. Many countries are facing the challenges of rapidly growing demand, driven by increasing population and economic growth. The present study has been undertaken to analyze the current situation of water resources and its socio-economic impact on farmers’ agricultural production in Pishin Lora Basin (PLB) of Balochistan. The study is based on primary data which have been collected from farmers through questionnaire. The collection of data, a sample of 300 farmers has been selected through stratified random sampling method. The main findings of the study are that the current situation of surface and ground water is very scarce; it has been found out that the available supply of water is short against the required annual demand. Water shortage led to the decline in land cultivation, drying of trees, loss in farmers’ income, unemployment, losses of livestock etc. On the basis of the result of study it has been recommended that the construction of new dams, educating the farmers about the use of high efficiency irrigation system, solution of electricity problem and giving knowledge to the farmers about the modern technique of production are some measures for reducing the burden on available water resources and increase farmers production


water scarcity;poverty;sustainable development;efficiency;modern technique

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