Particle Size Analysis of Coal and Biomass for Co-combustion

Mohammad Siddique, Ehsanullah Kakar, Suhail Ahmed Soomro, Abdul Sattar jatoi, Abdul Hameed Memon, Sher Bacha


With increasing demand of energy requirement and problem of global warming new technology were studied now a days to fulfill the requirement of energy concern. Co-combustion has getting much interest regarding environmental problem and good possibility for utilizing biomass for valuable product that is for power generation. The study were conducted for the particle size analysis of coal and biomass for co-combustion. In this regard, we had taken various biomass like cow dung, manure, tree leaves and banana tree waste for co-combustion. The samples were collected from different areas of Sindh province and that were analyzed by using different sieve. The maximum mass fraction were obtained in tree leaves is between 4-4.75mm, cow dung manure 0.3-1.00mm , banana tree waste 4-4.75mm and for lignite coal 4-4.75mm. With the increase in mass fraction of material, decrease in percentage finer and size analysis had effect on co-combustion of coal and biomass . Higher heating value of coal ,cow dung manure ,banana tree waste and tree leaves are 730539btu/lb, 712800btu/lb, 809612btu/lb and 794640btu/lb respectively


Co-combustion;Lignite Coal;Biomass;Particle size

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