Effect of Different Types of Seam, Stitch Class and Stitch Density on Seam Performance

Nazakat Ali, Abdul Malik Rehan, Zamir Ahmed, Hafeezullah Memon, Ahmer Hussain


Compatibility of the seam for functional and aesthetic requirement is very important for serviceability and life of the apparel. The serviceability of apparel can be increased by selecting the suitable type of fabric, thread, and seam. Selection of type thread, fabric and seam are basic elements in garment durability, especially for the fashionable garments in terms of cost and quality. Seam quality is subjected to seam strength, strength efficiency, puckering, slippage, boldness and appearance. The strength and appearance of seam marks both functional and aesthetic performance of any finished apparel product. Both are considered as an important factor for durability of a garment. This research paper focuses on the effect of type of seam, stitch type and stitch density on seam strength of denim fabric. The results showed that, the overall seam performance of the garment is influenced by these factors. It was concluded from this research that, as SPI was increased, the seam strength was also increased and decreased when SPI was reduced vice versa.


Apparel;Seam;Seam Strength;Stitch;Stitch Density;Seam performance

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