The analysis of Farmers, Perceptions of Land Management Technologies to Combat Land Degradation and Desertification in Balochistan, Pakistan

Said Qasim, Amir Nawaz Khan, Rajendra Prasad Shrestha, Ifthikhar Ahmad, Mohammad Qasim


Dry lands throughout the world are faced with the problems of land degradation and desertification. The farmers’ perceptions are imperative for devising strategies to combat desertification. This study therefore tried to find out the causes, indicators, locally adopted strategies and their sustainability. Observation, questionnaire and focus group discussions were used for collection of the primary data. Results showed that population growth, increased demand for food, fodder and fuel wood were the main causes for land degradation and desertification. The farmers reported depletion of underground water, decreased rangelands productivity, gullies and rills, decreased yields of major crops and decreased soil fertility. The farmers had adopted the strategies of flood water harvesting, low water requiring crops and organic manure to combat desertification in the area. The study recommends the rotational grazing and fencing of rangelands, reforestation and leveling of badlands in the areas for combating desertification.


Dry lands; Desertification; Land degradation; Adaptation

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