A Multilayered Heuristic for Solving Curricula Scheduling Problems

Aftab Ahmed, Muhammad Atif, Jamil Ahmad


Curricula Scheduling problem is recognized essentially on account of its vital significance in academia. The problem is echoed as tough resources placement job against troublesome constraints. The problem has been investigated by research community for several decades because of its inevitable importance and association with Non-deterministic Polynomialtime hard (NP-Hard) complexity. This research article investigates a novel and contemporary approach of using Memetic Algorithms (MA) centered Hyper Heuristic model to scrutinize the performance. The dynamic parameters of higher heuristic are get corrected and improvised with each iteration on the basis of performance measure. The signs learned from the experiments conclude the study-work steps forward in scheduling research and the scope of prospective and significant research direction are noticeable and remain open in the future. The work concluded with implementation of prototype coded in python language.

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