Impact of Competitive Intelligence on Organizational Performance

Tayyaba Akram, Ajmal Waheed


Competitive intelligence has been an important tool for measuring organizational success, decision making and performance of employees in past decades. Its contribution in literature is worthy some. On the other hand organizational performance is an essential aspect for an organization in current uncertain business environment. With increased competition, limited resources and increased uncertainty, organizations are seeking better and competent ways for improving their own productivity. It is necessary then for organizations to identify those factors which can affect long term productivity and success. The objective of current study is to investigate the relationship between competitive intelligence and organizational performance.
Self-administered questionnaire with five point Likert scale is used for identifying the relationship between independent variable, competitive intelligence and dependent variable organizational performance. Sample selected comprises 100 managers from 10 leading banks in Islamabad. Regression and correlation analysis are applied resulting in significant and positive relationship between the variables of the study.

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