A Dynamic Auto-Address Configuration Protocol for VANET Region based Auto-configuration Protocol with Code Association(RAPACA)

Sadique Ahmed Bugti, Riaz ul Amin, Faisal Khan, Rahila Umer


The Auto-Address Configurations (AAC) for Ad-hoc necessitates appropriate application. The ACC for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET) demands even more effort and the assumption of having nodes to be configured a priori do not support the notion for the networks such as VANET. Although Auto-Address Configuration Schemes (AACS) for VANET have been explored prior to this work, however a hybrid (infrastructure and Ad-hoc networks) address configuration still remains in hunt. In this research effort we try to address the problem of auto-configuration for VANET and design a protocol that supports hybrid nature of VANET, that seems be part and parcel of networks such as VANET. We propose a protocol named Regional-based Auto-Configuration Protocol with Code Association (RAPACA) that addresses the configuration issues with the help of clustering approach, an approach that has been proposed in our previous research work Cluster-Based Addressing Scheme for VANET (CAVNET). The RAPACA improves CAVNET approach as the designed protocol considers hybrid nature of VANET.

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