Study of 3D Structural Model of Granzyme H to Predict Different Sites Involved in Substrate and Inhibitor Recognition during Apoptosis

Naheed Z Rizwi, Muhammad Asif, Rukhshan Khurshid, Uzma Farid, Saeed Ahmad Nagra, Arif Malik, Zeeshan Ghani, Abrar Hussain


Apoptotic cell death is known to regulate the maintenance of the normal physiological state and the pathogenesis of diseases. Virus infected and tumor cells are got rid of by natural immune system of the body using granule exocytosis (T lymphocytes and natural killer cells). In the present study, 3D structural model of enzyme was used to determine the different site of granzyme H involved in substrate and inhibitor recognition during apoptosis. It has been found from the results presented here that certain amino acid in the structure of granzyme H may function as recognition site for the substrate binding and consequently mutation in these amino acid sequences could affect the normal process of catalysis.


Autolysis; Granzyme H; Mutation; Apoptosis

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