Smart Implementation of Cluster Head Responsibilities in Wireless Sensor Network

Sadique Ahmed Bugti, Raja Asif, Riazul Ameen


This study is similar to the our earlier work in that the selection process of the cluster head was depending on Fuzzy input, but adding more to that our this paper deem on dissemination of
distributed works between the backup cluster head and main cluster head. This is entirely novel idea in the networks which are based on cluster. In conventional cluster based networks, the cluster head is major or important object which serve the task of the data communication as a single object. The cluster head works as the backbone of the whole cluster, which can be
regarded as the single point of failure for the whole chosen network. This procedure brings uplift in the consumption of power and that affects directly on the total life of the network. Considering our earlier work this study deem the selection of cluster head depending on fuzzy login but this study considers backup system sharing of recourses mechanism, in return of that demonstrates effective usage of resources. The results of simulation demonstrates that, our proposed method Fuzzy-based Smart Cluster-head Selection and Task Distribution with Backup System (FSCSTD)
which uses 20 equivalent to 30 percent less messages traffic for the equal number of nodes as compare to LEACH and V-LEACH protocols which brings decline in the consumption of power in the nodes and uplifts the life of the whole network.


Wireless sensor network; Cluster Head selection; Hierarchical clustering; fuzzy based clustering; FCA-BS

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