Relationship Dynamics of Filing Grievances: A Conceptual Model

Muhammad Adeel Anjum, Anjum Parvez, Zainab Bibi


Grievances are indispensible in the contemporary of competition in the face of limited resources available to the individuals, organizations and the nations. A grievance, in the organizational context, refers to the formally submitted complaint by an employee or group of employees. However, if a grievance is made good in time, the existing relationships between the employee
and his co-workers is expected to get strengthened. Otherwise, it turns into a dispute thereby aggravating the organizational relationships from bad to worse. This article brings a diversity of arguments around the practices of ‘filing grievance’ in the form of thesis and anti-thesis thereby emerging into a ‘synthesis’ arguing that grievance-filing is not negative in itself unless baseless
and fake grievances are filed for some hidden agenda. This paper also presents a conceptual model which demonstrates the relationship dynamics of filing grievances and guides the future researches. Some propositions have also been developed in this paper which could be validated by empirical researches in the future.


Organizational Relationships; Grievance; Grievance-Filing; Current Organizational Relationship; Future Organizational Relationship

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