Mixed Dimensional Hierarchic Partitioned Nonlinear Analysis of Frames with Masonry Infill

Gul Ahmed Jokhio, Yasmeen Gul, Ehsanullah Kakar


This paper presents the mixed-dimensional partitioned nonlinear analysis of framed structures with masonry infill. The analysis method is elaborated with the help of an example frame made of steel sections with brick masonry infill. The structure is partitioned in a hierarchic manner using a domainĀ  decomposition technique based on dual partition super-elements. The frame is
subjected to a load increasing constantly on its free end. The final deflected shape after the analysis is presented that shows a separation occurring at the location of the mortar between bricks. Contours showing plastic work flow at the interfaces are also presented.


Masonry Infill; Hierarchic Partitioning; Parallel Computation; Mixed Dimensioning; Nonlinear Analysis

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.36785/jaes.41101

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